Our Clinic


The Wildlife

Trinity Medical Spa overlooks four miles of protected woodland. While many of the clinic rooms overlook this tableau, the main treatment room has an extensive view of the protected woodlands. Often the local woodland creatures can be seen during treatments. There are pairs of Barn Owls, and Red Tailed Hawks whom nest just outside the window, and in the right season, you will see Doe, Bucks, and Fawns, along with Wild Turkeys.

The Interior

Trinity Medical Spa was designed to mirror the beauty of the natural woodlands which provides a backdrop to the treatment suites. The carpet matches the texture of the sand by the stream that flows through the woods. The floors of the clinic are natural dyed to match the summer golden hues of the grass outside the clinic. There are oak cherry wood doors into every room, designed to the allow the natural light to spill into the hallway. And succulents, adorn the rooms and hallways, with many ever watchful Buddhas overlooking the clinic foyer.

The Salt Sauna


Many of our most popular treatments are being discounted to celebrate our expansion.