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Our Clinic and Treatment Rooms

Designed to be beautiful and Professional. The site was chosen as most treatment rooms of our clinic overlook four miles of protected woodlands, where Deer, Hawks, Owls, and Turkeys are often seen

Check in and Waiting Rooms

The clinic design was inspired to match to surrounding natural protected woodlands at various times of the year. From the etched carpet matching the texture of the trees bark and sandy beach of the creek that runs through it, to the organically dyed surfaces of the treating room floors that match the color, and texture of the grass during summer and fall, and the dark cherry doors, and woodwork that allow the natural light of the spacious windows to spill into the hallway.

Treatment and Procedure Rooms

We have adorned the clinic with spacious mirrors, and succulent plants, and east asian reliquary we have made every effort to provide the patient with a comfortable atmosphere before during and after every treatment and procedure.


Many of our most popular treatments are being discounted to celebrate our expansion.